17-03-2018 Firenze –> piazza della Repubblica

17-03-2018 Firenze –> piazza della Repubblica


VINOVATION and its team are happy to invite you at our Monthly events, born with belief that the “Art of Making Wine” and the “Art in general” are two worlds that need to be connected.
The reason why we are exited to introduce new Artists and new Wines in 3 Different Nights:
Starting from 18.30 until 21.30, @ La Congrega (Via dei Tosinghi 3/4 Rosso) raising a glass of wine, we are proud to host:

All my pictorial research: dancers, energetic dialogues, ancient senators, fragments of a single reality, sunsets in progress and above all Spirals represent the dance of reality when it is observed at infinitesimal level, where the certainties of the everyday world collapse and everything becomes iridescent it’s possible. If we look at a table, a chair or a steel beam, we have the impression of the static and concreteness of the material … but peering into the deeper recesses of reality we discover that there is a frenetic movement of particles and an extraordinary interaction of ancestral, physical and metaphysics, which continually shape the outer world and the interior world.
Quantum spirals, crowds, glimpses of dance or sunsets makes no difference everything is energy in motion …In the past Artists have given a new cut to painting images for the first time were in the foreground …

Then there are those who approached the subject to be painted, to cripple the appearance …

Finally, there are those who took us beyond the painting giving us the third dimension …

With my way of painting I bring you inside the painting, to discover its energy, its composition, that is the eternal movement of the vital energies of the soul and of the cycles of creation and transformation of the whole universe.

I paint the quantum

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